Provisioning Pseudowires

This chapter describes how to provision pseudowires to devices in Junos Scope. A pseudowire is a circuit defined by two end point devices on which legacy traffic can be transported over IP/MPLS network. Pseudowire provisioning is the process of creating, modifying or deleting pseudowires between end points and pushing the configurations corresponding to the pseudowire to the devices. Junos Scope supports the provisioning of both LDP-based Layer 2 Circuit and BGP-based Layer 2 virtual packet network (Layer 2 VPN) pseudowires.

Figure 9: Provisioning Pseudowires Page

Image s001491.gif

Pseudowire provisioning involves the following steps:

  1. Creating templates for pseudowires
  2. Selecting Device Source and Source/Destination Endpoint devices
  3. Creating, modifying, or deleting pseudowires between end points
  4. Confirming Selections
  5. Generating configuration for pseudowires generated in step 2 and provision pseudowires by pushing configurations generated in step 3 to boxes
  6. Filtering, viewing, and testing pseudowires

This chapter includes the following topics: