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Monitoring DHCP Service Statistics

A J-series or SRX-series device can operate as a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. To view information about global scope and DHCP service statistics, select Monitor>Services>DHCP>Statistics in the J-Web interface, or enter the following CLI commands:

Table 59 summarizes the key output fields in the DHCP service statistics displays.

Table 59: Summary of Key Global Scope and DHCP Service Statistics Output Fields



Additional Information

Global Information Summary

BOOTP Lease Length

Length of the BOOTP lease.

DHCP Options

Server Identifier

IP address of the name server.


Name Server

IP address of the name server.



IP address of the name router.


Domain Name

Name of the domain.

DHCP Lease Time

Default Lease Time

Lease time assigned to clients that do not request a specific lease time.


Minimum Lease Time

Minimum time a client can retain an IP address lease on the server.


Maximum Lease Time

Maximum time a client can retain an IP address lease on the server.


Total Dropped packets

Total number of packets dropped and the number of packets dropped due to a particular condition.


Messages Received

Number of BOOTREQUEST, DHCPDECLINE, DHCPINFORM, DHCPRELEASE, and DHCPREQUEST messages sent from DHCP clients and received by the DHCP server.


Messages Sent

Number of BOOTREPLY, DHCPOFFER, DHCPACK, and DHCPNAK messages sent from the DHCP server to DHCP clients.


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