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Monitoring Alarms

You can use the J-web editor to monitor alarms on the device. Or, use the show chassis alarms command in the CLI editor.

Table 8 summarizes key chassis alarms.

Table 8: Summary of Key Chassis Output Fields



Additional Information

Alarm type

Type of alarm to set: System, Chassis, or All.

JUNOS has system-defined alarms and configurable alarms. System-defined alarms include FRU detection alarms (power supplies removed, for instance) and environmental alarms. The values for these alarms are defined within JUNOS.

You can configure alarms in the CLI configuration editor with the alarm statement at the [edit chassis] level of the configuration hierarchy. For details, see the JUNOS Enhanced Services Administration Guide.


Severity class for this alarm: Minor or Major.

A major (red) alarm condition requires immediate action. A minor (yellow) condition requires monitoring and maintenance.


A brief synopsis of the alarm.



Date range that you want to monitor.


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