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Configuring VPN Global Settings—Quick Configuration (Standard VPNs)

You can use J-Web Quick Configuration to quickly configure VPN global settings.

Before You Begin

For background information, read

  • "Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)" chapter in the JUNOS Software Security Configuration Guide.

Figure 58 shows the VPN quick configuration page.

Figure 58: VPN Global Settings

VPN Global Settings

To configure VPN global settings with Quick Configuration:

  1. Select Configuration > Quick Configuration > VPN > Global Settings.
  2. Fill in the options as shown in Table 128, then click one of the following buttons:

Table 128: VPN Global Configuration Options




IKE Global Settings

Response Bad SPI

Enable response to invalid IPsec Security Parameter Index (SPI) values. If the SAs between two peers of an IPsec VPN become unsynchronized, the device resets the state of a peer so that the two peers are synchronized.

Click the check box if you want the device to respond to IPsec packets with bad SPI values.

Maximum Responses

Number of times to respond to invalid SPI values per gateway

Enter a value between 1 and 30. The default is 5. Disabled by default.

IPsec Global Settings

VPN Monitor Options

Configure VPN monitoring options.

Click the check box if you want the device to monitor VPN liveliness.


Interval at which to send ICMP requests to the peer.

Enter a value from 1 through 36,000 seconds.


The number of consecutive unsuccessful pings before the peer is declared unreachable.

Enter a value from 1 through 65,536.

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