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Configuring a Scheduler—Quick Configuration

You can use J-Web Quick Configuration to quickly configure a schedule for the security policies. See Figure 57.

Figure 57: Quick Configuration Policies Page for Schedulers

Quick Configuration
Policies Page for Schedulers

To configure a scheduler with Quick Configuration:

  1. Select Configuration > Quick Configuration > Schedulers.
  2. Click Add. See Figure 58.

    Figure 58: Scheduler Configuration

    Scheduler Configuration

  1. Specify a scheduler name.
  2. Specify the start and stop date and times in the YYYY.MM.DD.hh.mm (year, month, date, hour, minutes) format.
  3. Select the Recurrent-Period, if needed. Click the plus sign by a specific day to select all day or exclude a day from the weekly schedule.
  4. Click one of the following buttons:

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