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J-Web Chassis View Overview

The Chassis View feature in the J-Web interface allows you to view the images of the SRX-series services gateways and access the information related to each gateway.

The Chassis View appears on the Dashboard page by default when you log in to the J-Web interface.

Note: The Chassis View option can be enabled or disabled in the Dashboard Preference dialog box. To access the Dashboard Preference dialog box, click the icon on the upper-right corner of the Dashboard page and select Chassis View from the Dashboard Preference dialog box. You can also enable Chassis View by clearing the Internet Explorer cookies.

Chassis View allows the dynamic display of line cards, link states, errors, individual PICs, FPCs, fans, power supplies, and so on. Chassis View also helps you view the current status of the services gateway.

Figure 1 shows the chassis and the components of the respective SRX-series services gateway. The statuses of the operational port are displayed in red or green color. Green represents active port and red represents inactive port.

Alarm and events are displayed as LEDs on the left corner of the chassis view. Red represents the presence of active alarms and green represents absence of alarms.

You can zoom the Chassis View to the required size by using the zoom bar. You can also reset the chassis view to its original position and size, by clicking the Reset button.

Figure 1: Chassis View

Chassis View

To view the port options of the interface, right-click the respective port. Table 11 shows a summary of the options available and the corresponding functions.

Table 11: Port Options

Port OptionFunction

Configure Port: ge-0/0/6

Displays the Monitor>Interface page.

Monitor Port: ge-0/0/6

Displays the Configuration>Interface page.

System Information

Displays the Chassis page.

Chassis Information

Displays the Chassis page.

View Front

Displays the front view of the chassis.

View Rear

Displays the rear view of the chassis.


Displays Adobe flash player settings.

The Chassis View display will be updated automatically, and you do not need to reload the page to see the latest device status.

Note: To use the Chassis View, a recent version of Adobe Flash that supports ActionScript and AJAX (Version 8) must be installed.

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