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FEB Redundancy (M120 Routing Platforms Only)

On M120 routing platforms, Forwarding Engine Boards (FEBs) provide route lookup and forwarding functions from Flexible PIC Concentrators (FPCs) and compact Flexible PIC Concentrators (cFPCs). You can configure FEB redundancy groups to provide high availability for FEBs.

To view the status of FEBs and FEB redundancy groups, or connectivity between FPCs and FEBs, select Monitor>Chassis>FEB Redundancy in the J-Web interface.

Table 96 shows a summary of the information displayed on the FEB Redundancy page and the corresponding CLI show command you can enter at the J-Web CLI terminal.

Table 96: FEB Redundancy Information and Corresponding CLI show Command

Information Displayed

Corresponding CLI Command

Forwarding Engine Board (FEB) status information.

show chassis feb

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