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Monitoring DNS Proxy

To view information about the DNS proxy and DNS proxy cache, select Monitor>DNS>DNS Proxy in the J-Web interface or enter the following CLI commands:

Table 64 summarizes the key output fields in the DNS proxy display.

Table 64: Summary of Key DNS Proxy Output Fields



Additional Information

DNS Proxy

DNS Proxy Statistics

Displays information about the DNS proxy.



State of the proxy server.

The status is either enabled or disabled.

Queries Received

Number of DNS queries received by the DNS proxy.


Responses Sent

Number of DNS responses sent by the DNS proxy.


Queries Forwarded

Number of DNS queries forwarded by the DNS proxy.


Negative Responses

Number of negative responses the DNS proxy sent to the DNS client.


Retry Requests

Number of retries the DNS proxy received from the DNS client.


Pending Requests

Number of pending queries the DNS proxy is yet to send the DNS client a response for.


Server Failures

Number of DNS proxy server failures.



Name of the logical interfaces that have enabled DNS proxy.

DNS Proxy Cache


Hostname of the host that has been cached.


IP Address

IP address of the host.



Length of time before an entry is purged from the DNS cache.



Type of DNS Resource Record.

For example, A records refer to IPv4 host addresses.


Class of DNS. A parameter used to define a DNS Resource Record.

For example, the IN class is used for Internet domain names.

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