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Monitoring SIP ALG Rate Information

To view SIP ALG rate information, select Monitor>ALGs>SIP>Rate in the J-Web interface, or enter the following CLI command:

Table 32 summarizes key output fields in the SIP rate display.

Table 32: Summary of Key SIP Rate Output Fields



Additional Information

SIP Rate Information

CPU ticks per microseconds is

SIP ALG CPU ticks per microsecond.


Time taken for the last message in microseconds is

Time, in microseconds, that the last SIP ALG message needed to transit the network.


Number of messages in 10 minutes

Total number of SIP ALG messages transiting the network in 10 minutes.


Time taken by the messages in 10 minutes

Total time, in microseconds, during an interval of less than 10 minutes for the specified number of SIP ALG messages to transit the network.



Number of SIP ALG messages per second transiting the network.


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