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Configuring Policies—Quick Configuration

You can use J-Web Quick Configuration to quickly configure security policies.

To configure security policies with Quick Configuration:

  1. Select Configuration > Quick Configuration > Security Policies > Policies.
  2. Select the Default Policy Action, Deny All or Permit All.
  3. Select the zone direction (from zone and to zone) as shown in Figure 51. You must have preconfigured the security zones for which you want to set policies. For more information on zones, see Configuring Security Zones—Quick Configuration.

    Figure 51: Quick Configuration Policies Page for Security Policies

    Quick Configuration Policies
Page for Security Policies

  1. Click Show Configured Policies. The screen displays the message “ No policies have been defined for the selected zone direction.”
  2. Click Add to configure a new policy.
  3. Specify a policy name.
  4. Specify a policy action. The form changes depending on the action specified (Selecting permit displays additional fields as shown in Figure 52). See Table 132 for the extended policy configuration fields.

    Figure 52: Security Policies Configuration

    Security Policies Configuration

  1. Optionally, you can select a scheduler name that you created earlier and whose schedule you want to associate with the policy.
  2. Click one of the following buttons:

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