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Using Software

On J-series routing platforms only, you can upgrade and manage JUNOS software packages from the J-Web interface. A JUNOS software package is a collection of files that make up the software components of the routing platform.

Typically, you upgrade the JUNOS Internet software on a Services Router by downloading a set of images onto your routing platform or onto another system on your local network, such as a PC. You then uncompress the package and install the uncompressed software using the Manage>Software page. Finally, you boot your system with this upgraded device.

As new features and software fixes become available, you must upgrade your software to use them. Before an upgrade, we recommend that you back up your primary boot device in case it becomes corrupted or fails during the upgrade. Creating a backup also stores your active configuration files and log files and ensures that you recover to a known, stable environment in case of an unsuccessful upgrade. For more information about creating a system backup, see Using Snapshot.

During a successful upgrade, the upgrade package completely reinstalls the existing software. The upgrade process rebuilds the file system but retains configuration files, log files, and similar information from the previous version.

For more information, see the JUNOS System Basics Configuration Guide.

Table 187 lists the different tasks that you can perform from the Manage>Software pages.

Table 187: Manage Software Tasks Summary

Manage Software Task


Upload Package

Install software packages uploaded from your computer to the Services Router.

  • File to Upload (required)—Specifies the location of the software package. Type the location of the software package, or click Browse to navigate to the location.
  • Reboot If Required—If this box is checked, the device is automatically rebooted when the upgrade is complete. Select the check box if you want the device to reboot automatically when the upgrade is complete.

Click Upload Package to begin, and click Cancel to clear the entries and return to the previous page.

Install Package

Install software packages on the Services Router that are retrieved with FTP or HTTP from the location specified.

  • Package Location—Specifies the FTP or HTTP server, file path, and software package name. The software is activated after the router has rebooted.
  • User—Specifies the username, if the server requires one.
  • Password—Specifies the password, if the server requires one.
  • Reboot If Required—If this box is checked, the device is automatically rebooted when the upgrade is complete.

Click Fetch and Install Package to begin.


Downgrade the JUNOS software on the Services Router.

When you downgrade the software to a previous version, the software version that is saved in junos.old is the version of JUNOS that your router is downgraded to. For your changes to take effect, you must reboot the router.

Caution: After you perform this operation, you cannot undo it.

Alternatively, you can install software packages on your routing platform by entering the request system software add command at the J-Web CLI terminal.

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