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To view information about routes in a routing table or for information about OSPF, BGP, RIP, or DLSw, select Monitor>Routing in the J-Web interface.

The routing information includes information about the route's destination, protocol, state, and parameters. To view selective information, type or select information in one or more of the Narrow Search boxes, and click OK. (See Sample Task—Monitoring Route Information).

Table 86 shows a summary of the information displayed on Routing pages and the corresponding CLI show commands you can enter at the J-Web CLI terminal.

Table 86: Routing Information and Corresponding CLI show Commands

Information Displayed

Corresponding CLI Command

Route Information

A high-level summary of the routes in the routing table.

show route terse

Detailed information about the active entries in the routing tables.

show route detail

BGP Information

Summary about Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

show bgp summary

BGP peers.

show bgp neighbor

OSPF Information

Information about Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) neighbors.

show ospf neighbors

OSPF interfaces.

show ospf interfaces

OSPF statistics.

show ospf statistics

RIP Information

Routing Information Protocol (RIP) statistics about messages sent and received on an interface, as well as information received from advertisements from other routing platforms.

show rip statistics

RIP neighbors.

show rip neighbors

DLSw Information

Data link switching (DLSw) capabilities of a specific remote peer or all peers.

show dlsw capabilities

Configured DLSw circuits.

show dlsw circuits

DLSw peer status.

show dlsw peers

Media access control (MAC) and IP addresses of remote DLSw peers.

show dlsw reachability

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