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The J-Web interface hierarchically displays all device physical and logical interfaces, including state and configuration information. This information is divided into multiple parts. To view general interface information such as available interfaces, operation states of the interfaces, and descriptions of the configured interfaces, select Monitor>Interfaces in the J-Web interface. To view interface-specific properties such as administrative state or traffic statistics in the J-Web interface, select the interface name on Interfaces Summary page. (See Sample Task—Monitoring Interfaces.)

Table 85 shows a summary of the information displayed on the Interfaces pages and the corresponding CLI show commands you can enter at the J-Web CLI terminal.

Table 85: Interfaces Information and Corresponding CLI show Commands

Information Displayed

Corresponding CLI Command

Status information about the specified Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM).

show interfaces terse

Detailed information about all interfaces configured on the routing platform.

show interfaces detail

Current state of the interface you specify.

show interfaces interface-name

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