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Monitoring the TGM550 Media Gateway (VoIP)

J4350 and J6350 Routing Platforms support voice over IP (VoIP) routing through an Avaya TGM550 Telephony Gateway Module and one or more Telephony Interface Modules (TIMs) installed in the router. From the J-Web interface or the JUNOS CLI, you can monitor the vp-pim/0/0 interface to the TGM550 (see Monitoring the Interfaces). In addition, you can monitor dynamic call admission control (CAC) operation, if it is configured on the router WAN interfaces, and also the list of Media Gateway Controllers (MGCs) configured on the TGM550.

To display TGM550 information, select Monitor>Media Gateway in the J-Web interface.

Alternatively, enter the following commands in the CLI operational mode:

Table 36 summarizes key output fields in media gateway information displays.

Table 36: Summary of Key Media Gateway Information Output Fields



Additional Information

Dynamic Call Admission Control Information

Reported Bearer Bandwidth Limit

Maximum bandwidth available for voice traffic on the Routing Platform.

If dynamic CAC is configured on more than one active interface, the TGM550 reports the bearer bandwidth limit (BBL) of the active interface with the highest activation priority.

If more than one active interface has the same activation priority, the BBL is reported as the number of those interfaces times their lowest BBL. For example if two interfaces with the same activation priority have BBLs of 2000 Kbps and 1500 Kbps, the RBBL is 3000 Kbps (2 x 1500 Kbps).

Interface Name

Name of interface on which dynamic CAC is configured.

(See the interface naming conventions in the J-series Services Router Basic LAN and WAN Access Configuration Guide.)



Link state of the interface: Up or Down.

The operational state is the physical state of the interface. If the interface is physically operational, even if it is not configured, the operational state is Up. An operational state of Down indicates a problem with the physical interface.

Activation Priority

Activation priority configured on the interface.


Bearer Bandwidth Limit (Kbps)

Maximum bandwidth available for voice traffic on the interface.

Telephony Gateway Module Information

Media Gateway Controller (MGC) List

IP addresses of the MGCs configured in the MGC list for the TGM550.


Slot state

Online and offline status of the telephony interface modules (TIMS).


Offline Reason

Reason for offline status: Busy Out or Out of resources.


DSP Capacity

Number of voice channels in the low-capacity DSP.


For more information about the J-Web Monitor task, see Monitor Tasks.

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