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Sample Task—Manage Snapshots

Figure 117 shows a Manage>Snapshot page that allows you to back up the currently running and active file system on a standby storage device that is not running. In this example, you are taking the snapshot to replace the current primary boot device on the Services Router. A compact flash is connected to the USB port on the J-series routing platform with a USB adapter.

To take the snapshot:

  1. Select Diagnose>Snapshot from the task bar.
  2. Next to Advanced options, click the expand icon (see Figure 117).
  3. Select usb from the Target Media list to specify the storage device to copy the snapshot to.
  4. Next to As Primary Media, select the check box to create a storage medium to be used in the internal compact flash slot only.
  5. Click Snapshot.

Figure 117: Manage Snapshots Page

Manage Snapshots Page

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