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To view stateful firewall filter information in the J-Web interface, select Monitor>Firewall>Stateful Firewall. To display stateful firewall filter information for a particular address prefix, port, or other characteristic, type or select information in one or more of the Narrow Search boxes, and click OK.

Table 79 shows a summary of the information displayed on Firewall pages and the corresponding CLI show commands you can enter at the J-Web CLI terminal.

Table 79: Firewall Information and Corresponding CLI show Commands

Information Displayed

Corresponding CLI Command

Statistics Summary

Stateful firewall filter statistics.

show services stateful-firewall statistics

Stateful Firewall

Stateful firewall filter conversations.

show services stateful-firewall conversations

Flow table entries for stateful firewall filters.

show services stateful-firewall flows

IDS Information

Information about an address under possible attack.

show services ids destination-table

Information about an address that is a suspected attacker.

show services ids source-table

Information about a particular suspected attack source and destination address pair.

show services ids pair-table

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