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Configuring Addresses and Address Sets—Quick Configuration

You can use J-Web Quick Configuration to quickly configure address books and address sets.

Before You Begin

Configure zones. For more information, see Configuring Security Zones—Quick Configuration

To configure addresses and address sets with Quick Configuration:

  1. Select Configuration > Quick Configuration > Security Policies > Address Books.
  2. Select the zone for which you want to configure address books. You must have configured zones earlier. For more information on creating zones, see Configuring Security Policies
  3. Click Add to add IP addresses to the address book. See the figure below.

    Figure 46: Quick Configuration Policies Page for Address Books

    Quick Configuration Policies Page for Address Books

  4. Specify an address name.
  5. Specify either an IP address or a DNS Name. The IP address must be an IPv4 address with the number of prefix bits. You can use domain names only if the system is configured to use DNS services.
  6. Click one of the following buttons:
  7. Continue adding addresses using Steps 2 through 5. Once you have the addresses you need to create an address set, select the Address Sets tab.
  8. Click Add. See the figure below.

    Figure 47: Configuring Address Sets

    Configuring Address Sets

  9. Specify an Address Set name.
  10. Use the left and right arrows, to add the predefined addresses in the “Addresses in this set” column.
  11. Click OK to save the configuration and return to the main Configuration page.

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