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Monitoring MGCP ALG Counters

To view MGCP ALG counters information, select Monitor>ALGs>MGCP>Counters in the J-Web interface, or enter the following CLI command:

Table 32 summarizes key output fields in the MGCP counters display.

Table 32: Summary of Key MGCP Counters Output Fields



Additional Information

MGCP Counters Information

Packets received

Number of MGCP ALG packets received.


Packets dropped

Number of MGCP ALG packets dropped.


Message received

Number of MGCP ALG messages received.


Number of connections

Number of MGCP ALG connections.


Number of active connections

Number of active MGCP ALG connections.


Number of calls

Number of MGCP ALG calls.


Number of active calls

Number of MGCP ALG active calls.


Number of active transactions

Number of active transactions.


Number of re-transmission

Number of MGCP ALG retransmissions.

Error Counters


MGCP ALG unknown method errors.


Decoding error

MGCP ALG decoding errors.


Transaction error

MGCP ALG transaction errors.


Call error

MGCP ALG counter errors.


Connection error

MGCP ALG connection errors.


Connection flood drop

MGCP ALG connection flood drop errors.


Message flood drop

MGCP ALG message flood drop error.


IP resolve error

MGCP ALG IP address resolution errors.


NAT error

MGCP ALG Network Address Translation (NAT) errors.


Resource manager error

MGCP ALG resource manager errors.


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