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Managing JUNOS Enhanced Services Licenses with the J-Web Interface

To manage licenses with the J-Web interface, you perform the following tasks:

The Licenses page displays a summary of licensed features that are configured on the Services Router and a list of licenses that are installed on the routers. The information on the license management page is summarized in Table 146.

Table 146: Summary of License Management Fields

Field Name


Feature Summary  


Name of the licensed feature:

  • J-series licenses listed in the JUNOS Enhanced Services J-series Services Router Getting Started Guide.
  • All features—All-inclusive licenses

Licenses Used

Number of licenses currently being used on the router. Usage is determined by the configuration on the router. If a feature license exists and that feature is configured, the license is considered used.

Licenses Installed

Number of licenses installed on the router for the particular feature.

Licenses Needed

Number of licenses required for legal of use the feature. Usage is determined by the configuration on the router: If a feature is configured and the license for that feature is not installed, a single license is needed.

Installed Licenses  


Unique alphanumeric ID of the license.


Valid—The installed license key is valid.

Invalid—The installed license key is not valid.


Numeric version number of the license key.


If the license defines a group license, this field displays the group definition.

If the license requires a group license, this field displays the required group definition.

Note: Because group licenses are currently unsupported, this field is always blank.

Enabled Features

Name of the feature that is enabled with the particular license.


Expiration information for the license is correct.

For JUNOS Enhanced Services, only permanent licenses are supported. If a license has expired, it is shown as invalid.

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