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Class of Service

To display details about the performance of class of service (CoS) on a routing platform, select Monitor>Class of Service in the J-Web interface.

Table 66 shows a summary of the information displayed on Class of Service pages and the corresponding CLI show commands you can enter at the J-Web CLI terminal.

Table 66: Class of Service Information and Corresponding CLI show Commands

Information Displayed

Corresponding CLI Command


Information about the physical and logical interfaces in the system and details about the CoS components assigned to these interfaces.

show class-of-service interface


Forwarding classes and loss priorities that incoming packets are assigned to based on the packet's CoS values.

show class-of-service classifier

CoS Value Aliases

CoS value aliases that the system is using to represent Differentiated Services code point (DSCP), DSCP IPv6, MPLS experimental (EXP), and IPv4 precedence bits.

show class-of-service code-point-aliases

RED Drop Profiles

Detailed information about the drop profiles used by the system. Also, displays a graph of the random early detection (RED) curve that the system uses to determine the queue fullness and drop probability.

show class-of-service drop-profile

Forwarding Classes

Assignment of forwarding classes to queue numbers.

show class-of-service forwarding-class

Rewrite Rules

Packet CoS value rewrite rules based on the forwarding classes and loss priorities.

show class-of-service rewrite-rule

Scheduler Maps

Assignment of forwarding classes to schedulers. Schedulers include transmit rate, rate limit, and buffer size.

show class-of-service scheduler-map

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