Use the Reports menu to generate reports on demand. There are 26 pre-defined reports listed in this page. The generated report is displayed in HTML format. You can group multiple reports and generate a consolidated report.


To view and download reports, click Reports in the top level menu.

26 predefined report names, their description, and type is listed in a grid format.

You can select single or multiple report names or all the predefined report names and generate a consolidated report.

After you select the report names, click Generate Report.

The Report Title popup window opens.

Enter a Name for your report. You may enter a description. You must select the number of records you want in the report by selecting a number in Show Top. Click Save. The report is generated in HTML format and prompts you to save the file.

You can view the report by opening it from the location where you saved it or by opening it from the file icon listed at the bottom of the Reports page.

The opening page of the report shows the time when it was generated. A table of contents is generated if you have selected multiple reports. Each report displays information in a bar graph and tabular format. If there is no data to be represented, the report says -No Data Available-.

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