Monitoring CoS Interfaces


Display details about the physical and logical interfaces and the CoS components assigned to them.


Select Monitor>Class of Service>Interfaces in the J-Web user interface, or enter the show class-of-service interface interface command.

Table 244 summarizes key output fields for CoS interfaces.

Table 244: Summary of Key CoS Interfaces Output Fields



Additional Information


Name of a physical interface to which CoS components are assigned.

To display names of logical interfaces configured on this physical interface, click the plus sign (+).

Scheduler Map

Name of the scheduler map associated with this interface.

Queues Supported

Number of queues you can configure on the interface.

Queues in Use

Number of queues currently configured.

Logical Interface

Name of a logical interface on the physical interface, to which CoS components are assigned.


Category of an object—for example, classifier, scheduler-map, or rewrite.


Name that you have given to an object—for example, ba-classifier.


Type of an object—for example, dscp, or exp for a classifier.


Index of this interface or the internal index of a specific object.

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