Set Up

You can use the Setup wizard to configure a device or edit an existing configuration.

Using the Setup wizard, you can configure the following:

On all branch SRX Series devices, the New Setup wizard has the following limitations:

  • The Existing Edit mode might not work as expected if you previously configured the device manually, without using the wizard.
  • Edit mode might overwrite outside configurations such as Custom Application, Policy Name, and zone inbound services.
  • In create new mode, when you commit your configuration changes, your changes will overwrite the existing configuration.
  • VPN and NAT wizards are not compatible with the New Setup wizard; therefore the VPN or NAT wizard configuration will not be reflected in the New Setup wizard or vice versa.
  • By default, 2 minutes are required to commit a configuration using the New Setup wizard.
  • On SRX650 devices, the default mode configures only the ge-0/0/1 interface under the internal zone.
  • You might encounter usability issues if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 to launch the New Setup wizard.
  • If you refresh your browser after you download the license, the factory mode wizard is not available.
  • When you commit the configuration, the underlying Web management interface changes, and you do not receive a response about the commit status.
  • Webserver ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) on the DMZ or internal zone are overshadowed if Web management is enabled on the Internet zone not configured for destination NAT. As a workaround, change the webserver port numbers for HTTP and HTTPS by editing the recommended policies on the Security policies page.
  • Images, buttons, and spinner (indicating that the configuration is being applied) on the wizard screen do not initially appear when the browser cache is cleared.