Monitoring CoS Value Aliases


Display information about the CoS value aliases that the system is currently using to represent DSCP, DSCP IPv6, MPLS EXP, and IPv4 precedence bits.


Select Monitor>Class of Service>CoS Value Aliases in the J-Web user interface, or enter the show class-of-service code-point-aliases command.

Table 247 summarizes key output fields for CoS value aliases.

Table 247: Summary of Key CoS Value Alias Output Fields



Additional Information

CoS Value Type

Type of the CoS value:

  • dscp—Examines Layer 3 packet headers for IP packet classification.
  • dscp ipv6—Examines Layer 3 packet headers for IPv6 packet classification.
  • exp—Examines Layer 2 packet headers for MPLS packet classification.
  • ieee-802.1—Examines Layer 2 packet header for packet classification.
  • inet-precedence—Examines Layer 3 packet headers for IP packet classification.

To display aliases and bit patterns, click the plus sign (+).

CoS Value Alias

Name given to a set of bits—for example, af11 is a name for 001010 bits.

Bit Pattern

Set of bits associated with an alias.

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