Monitoring Voice ALG H.323


Use the monitoring functionality to view the ALG H.323 page.


To monitor ALG H.323 select Monitor>Security>Voice ALGs>H.323 in the J-Web user interface.


Table 221 summarizes key output fields in the ALG H.323 page.

Table 221: ALG H.323 Monitoring Page



Additional Information

Virtual Chassis Member

Display the list of virtual chassis member.

Select one of the virtual chassis members listed.

Refresh Interval (30 sec)

Displays the time interval set for page refresh.

Select the time interval from the drop-down list.


Displays the option to refresh the page.


Provides an option to clear the monitor summary.

Click clear to clear the monitor summary.

H.323 Counter Summary


Displays the following categories:

  • Packets received—Number of ALG H.323 packets received.
  • Packets dropped—Number of ALG H.323 packets dropped.
  • RAS message received Number of incoming RAS (Registration, Admission, and Status) messages per second per gatekeeper received and processed.
  • Q.931 message received—Counter for Q.931 message received.
  • H.245 message received— Counter for H.245 message received.
  • Number of calls—Total number of ALG H.323 calls.
  • Number of active calls—Number of active ALG H.323 calls.
  • Number of DSCP Marked—Number of DSCP Marked on ALG H.323 calls.


Provides count of response codes for each H.323 counter summary category.

H.323 Error Counter


Displays the following categories:

  • Decoding errors—Number of decoding errors.
  • Message flood dropped—Error counter for message flood dropped.
  • NAT errors—H.323 ALG NAT errors.
  • Resource manager errors—H.323 ALG resource manager errors.
  • DSCP Marked errors—H.323 ALG DSCP marked errors.


Provides count of response codes for each H.323 error counter category.

Counter Summary Chart

Packets Received

Provides the graphical representation of the packets received.

H.323 Message Counter


Displays the following categories:

  • RRQ—Registration Request message counter.
  • RCF—Registration Confirmation Message.
  • ARQ—Admission Request message counter.
  • ACF—Admission Confirmation
  • URQ—Unregistration Request.
  • UCF—Unregistration Confirmation.
  • DRQ—Disengage Request.
  • DCF—Disengage Confirmation.
  • Oth RAS—Other incoming Registration, Admission, and Status messages message counter.
  • Setup—Timeout value, in seconds, for the response of the outgoing setup message.
  • Alert—Alert message type.
  • Connect—Connect setup process.
  • CallProd—Number of call production messages sent.
  • Info—Number of info requests sent.
  • RelCmpl—Number of Rel Cmpl message ssent.
  • Facility—Number of facility messages sent.
  • Empty—Empty capabilities to the support message counter.
  • OLC—Open Local Channel message counter.
  • OLC ACK—Open Local Channel Acknowledge message counter.
  • Oth H245—Other H.245 message counter


Provides count of response codes for each H.323 message counter category.

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