Monitoring Web Filtering


Use the monitoring functionality to view the web filtering page.


To monitor web filtering select Monitor>UTM>Web Filtering in the J-Web user interface.


Table 210 summarizes key output fields in the web filtering page.

Table 210: web filtering Monitoring Page



Additional Information

UTM Web Filtering Statistics

Statistics type

Displays the available information

  • white list hit
  • Black list hit
  • Queries to server
  • Server reply permit
  • Server reply block
  • Custom category permit
  • Custom category block
  • Site reputation permit
  • Site reputation block
  • Cache hit permit
  • Cache hit block
  • Safe-search redirect
  • Web-filtering sessions in total
  • Web-filtering sessions in use
  • Fall back: log-and-permit block
  • Default
  • Timeout
  • Connectivity
  • Too-many-requests

Clear Web Filtering Statistics

Clear all current viewable statistics and begin collecting new statistics.

Click Clear Web Filtering Statistics.

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