Monitoring Antivirus


Use the monitoring functionality to view the antivirus page.


To monitor antivirus select Monitor>UTM>Antivirus in the J-Web user interface.


Table 209 summarizes key output fields in the antivirus page.

Table 209: Antivirus Monitoring Page



Additional Information

UTM Antivirus

AV Key Expire Date

Displays antivirus licence key expiration date.

Update Server

Displays antivirus pattern update server settings.


Displays antivirus pattern interval.

Auto Update Status

Displays antivirus pattern auto update status.

Last Result

Displays last result of database loading.

AV Signature Version

Displays database version timestamp virus record number.

Scan Engine Info

Displays the information of the scan engine.

Pattern Type

Displays the pattern type.

UTM Antivirus Statistics

Antivirus statistics

Displays the antivirus statistics

  • The number of scan request being pre-windowed.
  • The total number of scan request forwarded to the engine.
  • The number of scan requests using scan-all mode.
  • The number of scan requests using scan-by-extension mode.

Clear Anti-Virus Statistics

Clear all current viewable statistics and begin collecting new statistics.

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