Understanding the J-Web CLI Terminal

The J-Web CLI terminal provides access to the Junos OS command-line interface (CLI) through the J-Web user interface. The functionality and behavior of the CLI available through the CLI terminal page is the same as the Junos OS CLI available through the routing platform console. The CLI terminal supports all CLI commands and other features such as CLI Help and autocompletion. Using the CLI terminal page you can fully configure, monitor, and manage your routing platform.

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CLI Terminal Requirements

To access the CLI through the J-Web interface, your management device requires the following features:

CLI Overview

The Junos OS CLI uses industry-standard tools and utilities to provide a set of commands for monitoring and configuring a routing platform. You type commands on a line and press Enter to execute them. The CLI provides online command Help, command completion, and Emacs-style keyboard sequences for moving around on the command line and scrolling through a buffer of recently executed commands.

The commands in the CLI are organized hierarchically, with commands that perform a similar function grouped together under the same level. For example, all commands that display information about the device system and system software are grouped under the show command, and all commands that display information about the routing table are grouped under the show route command. The hierarchical organization results in commands that have a regular syntax and provides the following features that simplify CLI use:

The CLI has two modes:

For more information about the Junos OS CLI, see the Junos OS CLI User Guide.

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