Monitoring Voice ALG Summary


Use the monitoring functionality to view the voice ALG summary page.


To monitor voice ALG summary, select Monitor>Security>Voice ALGs>Summary in the J-Web user interface.


Table 231 summarizes key output fields in the voice ALG summary page.

Table 231: Voice ALG Summary Monitoring Page



Additional Information

Virtual Chassis Member

Display the list of virtual chassis member.

Select one of the virtual chassis members listed.

Refresh Interval (30 sec)

Displays the time interval set for page refresh.

Select the time interval from the drop-down list.


Displays the option to refresh the page.


Provides an option to clear the monitor summary.

Click Clear to clear the monitor summary.

Protocol Name

Displays the protocols configured.

Total Calls

Displays the total number of calls.

Number of Active Calls

Displays the number of active calls.

Number of Received Packets

Displays the number of packets received.

Number of Errors

Displays the number of errors.

H.323 Calls Chart

Displays the H.323 calls chart.

MGCP Calls Chart

Displays the MGCP calls chart.

SCCP Calls Chart

Displays the SCCP calls chart.

SIP Calls Chart

Displays the SIP calls chart.

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