Local Authentication Configuration Page Options

  1. Select Configure>Security>User Firewall>Local Auth in the J-Web user interface.

    The local authentication configuration page appears. Table 60 explains the contents of this page.

  2. Click one:
    • Add—Adds a new or duplicate local authentication configuration. Enter information as specified in Table 61.
    • Delete—Deletes the selected local authentication configuration.
    • Clear All—Clears all local authentication configuration entries.
  3. Click one:
    • OK—Saves the configuration and returns to the main configuration page.
    • Actions>Commit—Commits the configuration and returns to the main configuration page.
    • Cancel—Cancels your entries and returns to the main configuration page.

Table 60: Local Authentication Configuration Page



Filter by

Displays the local authentication configuration based on the selected filter.


Displays the IP address.

User Name

Displays the name of the user.

Role List

Displays the list of roles assigned to the username.

Table 61: Add Local Authentication Configuration Details

Field FunctionAction

IP Address

Specifies the IP address.

Enter an IP address for the local authentication.

User Name

Specifies the username.

Enter a username for the local authentication.

Role List

Specifies the list of roles for the local authentication.

Enter roles for the local authentication entry. Enter the role and click + to add a role.

To delete a role, select the role and click .

Note: You can configure 200 roles for one local authentication entry.

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