Monitoring Application Statistics (Application Tracking)


Use the Application Tracking functions to monitor sessions and bytes of a particular application or application group.


To monitor and track applications, select Monitor>Security>Application Tracking in the J-Web user interface.

If application tracking is disabled, the Application Tracking page is also disabled. To enable application tracking, select Configure>Security>Logging in the J-Web user interface.


Table 63 summarizes key output fields in the Application Tracking page.

Table 63: Application Tracking Monitoring Page



Additional Information


Displays the risk as critical, moderate, low, or unsafe. The risk factor is based on the predefined security standard.

Note: Risk is displayed only for applications.


Displays the name of the application or application group.

# Sessions

Displays the number of active sessions.


Displays the application or application group traffic in kilobytes.

Session %

Displays the session percentage of the current application or application groups.

Traffic %

Displays the traffic percentage of the application or application groups.

Selected Statistics


Refers to the statistics that are collected from the last clearing time specified to the current time.

Time Interval

Enables you to set an interval of time during which statistics are collected.

You can specify the time interval in minutes, hours, or days. The default is 1 minute.

For example, if you set 5 minutes as the time interval at 13:00 hours, then statistics are collected from 13:00 to 13:05.


Time Interval Began

If Cumulative is selected, this field displays the last reset time that was set.

If Time Interval is selected, this field displays the last interval that was set.

Elapsed Time

Displays the time elapsed since the last time interval began.


If Cumulative is selected, the cumulative statistics are cleared.

If Time Interval is selected, the statistics collected during the last specified interval are cleared.

You are prompted to confirm that you want to clear the statistics.


Switch to Grid

In the grid view, data is displayed in a table.

By default, application tracking statistics are displayed in the grid view.

Switch to Graphical

In the graphical view, data is displayed in a chart. The two types of charts supported are:

  • Bar
  • Pie

# Displayed – Enables you to set the number of applications or application groups to be displayed in the chart. The maximum number allowed is 10, and the default is 3.

Display order – Enables you to sort the application and application groups in ascending or descending order. By default, applications are displayed in descending order.

Display by – Enables you to filter the display of applications and application groups by the following:

  • # Sessions
  • Session %
  • Traffic
  • Traffic %

Bar chart is the default.

Refresh Display

Click Refresh Display to retrieve the most current data.


Enables you to set some additional options. You can set the following:

  • Display Refresh Interval - Enables you to set the interval for refreshing. You can specify a refresh time from 1 minute to 24 hours. The default is 1 minute.
  • Display Columns – Enables you to select the columns you want to display in the output.

    Note: The Display Columns option is available only in the grid view.

Filter By


Enables you to collect application level statistics.

You can filter application or application group statistics by the following:

  • Name (default filter)

    Filters the application or application groups by the name specified. Contains and Exact Match filters are supported.

  • # Session
  • Session %
  • Traffic
  • Traffic %

Application Group

Enables you to collect application group statistics.

Add to Results

Adds the filtered results to the output.

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