Monitoring GVRP


Use the monitoring functionality to view the GVRP page.


To monitor GVRP select Monitor>Switching>GVRP in the J-Web user interface.


Table 74 summarizes key output fields in the GVRP page.

Table 74: GVRP Monitoring Page



Additional Information

Global GVRP Configuration

GVRP Status

Displays whether GVRP is enabled or disabled.

GVRP Timer

Displays the GVRP timer in millisecond.


The number of milliseconds the interfaces must wait before sending VLAN advertisements.


The number of milliseconds an interface must wait after receiving a Leave message to remove the interface from the VLAN specified in the message.

Leave All

The interval in milliseconds at which Leave All messages are sent on interfaces. Leave All messages maintain current GVRP VLAN membership information in the network.

GVRP Interface Details

Interface Name

The interface on which GVRP is configured.

Protocol Status

Displays whether GVRP is enabled or disabled.

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