Monitoring Events


Use the monitoring functionality to view the events page.


To monitor events select Monitor>Events and Alarms>View Events.


Table 187 summarizes key output fields in the events page.

Table 187: Events Monitoring Page



Additional Information

Events Filter

System Log File

Specifies the name of the system log file that records errors and events.


Specifies the system processes that generate the events to display.

Include archived files

Specifies to enable the option to include archived files.

Select to enable.

Date From

Specifies the beginning date range to monitor. Set the date using the calendar pick tool.


Specifies the end of the date range to monitor. Set the date using the calendar pick tool.

Event ID

Specifies the specific ID of the error or event to monitor.


Enter a description for the errors or events.


Fetches the errors and events specified in the search criteria.


Clears the cache of errors and events that were previously selected.

Generate Report

Creates an HTML report based on the specified parameters.

Events Detail


Displays the system process that generated the error or event.


Displays the severity level that indicates how seriously the triggering event affects routing platform functions. Only messages from the facility that are rated at that level or higher are logged. Possible severities and their corresponding color code are:

  • Debug/Info/Notice(Green)–Indicates conditions that are not errors but are of interest or might warrant special handling.
  • Warning (Yellow) – Indicates conditions that warrant monitoring.
  • Error (Blue) – Indicates standard error conditions that generally have less serious consequences than errors in the emergency, alert, and critical levels.
  • Critical (Pink) – Indicates critical conditions, such as hard drive errors.
  • Alert (Orange) – Indicates conditions that require immediate correction, such as a corrupted system database.
  • Emergency (Red) – Indicates system panic or other conditions that cause the routing platform to stop functioning.

Event ID

Displays the unique ID of the error or event. The prefix on each code identifies the generating software process. The rest of the code indicates the specific event or error.

Event Description

Displays a more detailed explanation of the message.


Time that the error or event occurred.

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