Maintaining System Snapshots

  1. Select Maintain>Snapshot.

    The Snapshot page appears. Table 253 explains the contents of this page.

  2. Click Snapshot — Creates a boot device on an alternate medium.
  3. Click one :
    • OK — Performs the system snapshot to an medium.
    • Cancel — Cancels the system snapshot to another medium.

Enter the information specified in Table 253 to maintain the secure router.

Table 253: Snapshot Maintenance Options


Target Media

Specifies the boot device to copy the snapshot to.

Note: You cannot copy software to the active boot device.

The available options for a boot device that is not the active boot device:

  • internal — Copies software to the internal media.
  • usb — Copies software to the device connected to the USB port.

Select an option.


Copies only the default files that were loaded on the internal media when it was shipped from the factory, plus the rescue configuration if one has been set.

Note: After a boot device is created with the default factory configuration, it can operate only in an internal media slot.

Select the check box.


Partitions the medium. This process is usually necessary for boot devices that do not already have software installed on them.

Select the check box.

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