Monitoring SIP ALG Transactions

To view information about SIP ALG transactions, select Monitor>ALGs>SIP>Transactions in the J-Web interface, or enter the following CLI command:

show security alg sip transactions

Table 196 summarizes key output fields in the SIP transactions display.

Table 196: Summary of Key SIP Transactions Output Fields



Additional Information

SIP Transactions Information

Transaction Name

  • UAS—SIP ALG User Agent server transaction name.
  • UAC—SIP ALG User Agent client transaction name.


The method to be performed on the resource. Possible methods:

  • INVITE—Initiate call
  • ACK—Confirm final response
  • BYE—Terminate and transfer call
  • CANCEL—Cancel searches and “ringing”
  • OPTIONS—Features support by the other side
  • REGISTER—Register with location service