Starting the CLI Terminal

To get started on the CLI terminal:

  1. Make sure that your system meets the standard CLI requirements.
  2. In the J-Web interface, select Diagnose>CLI Terminal. A Java applet is downloaded into the J-Web interface allowing SSH access to the routing platform.
  3. Log in to the CLI by typing your JUNOS password. This is the same password that you use to log in to the J-Web interface.

    After you log in, a percentage sign (%) prompt appears to indicate that you are in the UNIX shell.

  4. To start the CLI, type cli.

    The presence of the angle bracket (>) prompt indicates that the CLI has started. By default, the prompt is preceded by a string that contains your username and the hostname of the device. The angle bracket also indicates that you are in operational mode.

  5. To enter configuration mode, type configure. The [edit] prompt indicates the current configuration mode.
  6. Type exit or quit to return to the previous level of the configuration—for example, to return to operational mode from configuration mode.

For security purposes, each time you log out of the routing platform or leave the CLI terminal page, the CLI terminal session ends and you are required to reenter your password. When you select Diagnose>CLI Terminal again, retype your JUNOS password to access the CLI.