Committing a Configuration

When you finish making changes to a candidate configuration with the J-Web configuration editor, you must commit the changes to use them in the current operational software running on the device.

If another user is editing an exclusive candidate configuration with the CLI, you cannot commit a configuration until the user has committed the configuration. To display a list of users, select Configuration>History. The list is displayed as Database Information in the main pane. For more information about editing an exclusive candidate configuration, see the Junos OS CLI User Guide.

To commit a candidate configuration:

  1. In the J-Web configuration editor, click Commit.

    The main pane displays a summary of your changes in statement form.

  2. To confirm the commit operation, click OK.

    To cancel a commit operation, click Cancel.

    If multiple users are editing the configuration when you commit the candidate configuration, all changes made by all users take effect.

  3. To display all the edits applied to the running configuration, click Refresh.