Monitoring Antivirus Scan Results (J-Web)

View antivirus scan results using J-Web as follows:

  1. Select Monitor>UTM>Anti-Virus.

    The following information becomes viewable in the right pane.

    Antivirus license key status

    • View license expiration dates.

    Antivirus pattern update server settings

    • View update URL (HTTP or HTTPS-based).
    • View update interval.

    Antivirus pattern database status

    • View auto update status.
    • View last result of database loading.
    • If the download completes, view database version timestamp virus record number.
    • If the download fails, view failure reason.

    Antivirus statistics provide

    • The number of scan request being pre-windowed.
    • The total number of scan request forwarded to the engine.
    • The number of scan requests using scan-all mode.
    • The number of scan requests using scan-by-extension mode.

    Scan code counters provide

    • Number of clean files.
    • Number of infected files.
    • Number of password protected files.
    • Number of decompress layers.
    • Number of corrupt files.
    • When the engine is out of resources.
    • When there is an internal error.

    Fallback applied status provides either a log-and-permit or block result when the following has occurred

    • Scan engine not ready.
    • Password protected file found.
    • Decompress layer too large.
    • Corrupt file found.
    • Out of resources.
    • Timeout occurred.
    • Maximum content size reached.
    • Too many requests.
    • Other.
  2. You can click the Clear Anti-Virus Statistics button to clear all current viewable statistics and begin collecting new statistics.