Monitoring GVRP

To view information about global GVRP configuration, select Monitor>Switching>GVRP in the J-Web interface or enter the following CLI command:

show gvrp

Table 174 summarizes the GVRP output fields.

Table 174: Summary of GVRP Output Fields



Additional Information


Global GVRP Configuration

List of global GVRP configuration statistics such as:

  • GVRP status—Displays whether GVRP is enabled or disabled.
  • Join—The number of milliseconds the interfaces must wait before sending VLAN advertisements.
  • Leave—The number of milliseconds an interface must wait after receiving a Leave message to remove the interface from the VLAN specified in the message.
  • Leave All—The interval in milliseconds at which Leave All messages are sent on interfaces. Leave All messages maintain current GVRP VLAN membership information in the network.


List of interface-based configuration statistics:

  • Interface Name—The interface on which GVRP is configured.
  • Protocol Status—Displays whether GVRP is enabled or disabled.