Monitoring CoS Forwarding Classes

To view the current assignment of CoS forwarding classes to queue numbers on the system, select Monitor>Class of Service>Forwarding Classes in the J-Web interface, or enter the following CLI command:

show class-of-service forwarding-class

Table 183 summarizes key output fields for CoS forwarding classes.

Table 183: Summary of Key CoS Forwarding Class Output Fields



Additional Information

Forwarding Class

Names of forwarding classes assigned to queue numbers. By default, the following forwarding classes are assigned to queues 0 through 3:

  • best-effort—Provides no special CoS handling of packets. Loss priority is typically not carried in a CoS value, and RED drop profiles are more aggressive.
  • expedited-forwarding—Provides low loss, low delay, low jitter, assured bandwidth, and end-to-end service.
  • assured-forwarding—Provides high assurance for packets within specified service profile. Excess packets are dropped.
  • network-control—Packets can be delayed but not dropped.


Queue number corresponding to the forwarding class name.

By default, four queues, 0 through 3, are assigned to forwarding classes.