Configuring IDP Policies

To configure an IDP policy:

  1. Select Configure>Security>Policy>IDP Policies.
  2. Fill in the information as described in Table 35.
  3. Click one of the following buttons:
    • To apply the configuration and return to the main configuration page, click OK.
    • To cancel your entries and return to the main page, click Cancel.

Table 35: IDP Policy Configuration Page





Loads a predefined IDP template.

  1. Click Template and select Download Template to download template from the server.
  2. Click Template and select Install Template to install the template to the router.
  3. Click Template and select Load Template to load the pre defined policies to the policy list.

Check Status

Checks download or install status.

Select Download Status or Install Status from the Check Status list.


Adds a new IDP policy.

Click Add.


Edits the selected user-defined policy from the policy list.

Select an IDP policy and click Edit.


Deletes the selected policy from the policy list.

Select an IDP policy and click Delete.


Duplicates an existing IDP policy with a different name.

Select an IDP policy and click Clone .

In the New Policy Name box type the name of the new policy.


Activates the selected IDP policy.

Note: You can configure many IDP policies, but only one can be in active state.

Select the Activate check box.