Example: Configuring a Guest VLAN (CLI)

802.1X provides LAN access to nonresponsive hosts (hosts where 802.1X is not enabled). These hosts, referred to as guests, typically are provided access only to the Internet.

To create a guest VLAN and to verify the configuration:

  1. Configure a VLAN named visitor-vlan.


    user@host# set vlans visitor-vlan vlan-id 300
  2. Navigate to the top of the hierarchy to configure visitor-vlan as the guest VLAN.

    top [edit] user@host# set protocols dot1x authenticator interface all guest-vlan visitor-vlan
  3. Check the configuration.

    [edit] user@host> show configuration
    protocols {dot1x {authenticator {interface {all {guest-vlan {visitor-vlan;}}}}}}vlans {visitor-vlan {vlan-id 300;}}
  4. If you are finished configuring the VLAN, commit the configuration.