Attaching Full Antivirus UTM Policies to Security Policies (J-Web Procedure)

Next, you attach the UTM policy to a security policy that you create.

  1. Select Configure>Security>Policy>FW Policies.
  2. From the Security Policy window , click Add to configure a security policy with UTM.

    This takes you to the policy configuration pop-up window.

  3. In the Policy tab, enter a name in the Policy Name box.
  4. Next to From Zone, select a zone from the list.
  5. Next to To Zone, select a zone from the list.
  6. Choose a Source Address.
  7. Choose a Destination Address.
  8. Choose an Application.

    Do this by selecting junos-<protocol> (for all protocols that support antivirus scanning) in the Application Sets box and clicking the right arrow —> button to move them to the Matched box.

  9. Next to Policy Action, select Permit.

    Note: When you select Permit for Policy Action, several additional fields become available in the Applications Services tab, including UTM Policy.

  10. Select the Application Services tab in the pop-up window.
  11. Next to UTM Policy, select the appropriate policy from the list.

    This attaches your UTM policy to the security policy.

    Note: There are several fields on this page that are not described in this section. See the Security Policies section for detailed information on configuring security policies and all the available fields.

  12. Click OK to save your policy.
  13. If the policy is saved successfully, you receive a confirmation and you must click OK again. If the profile is not saved successfully, you can click Details in the pop-up window that appears to discover why.

    You must activate your new policy to apply it.