Configuring IGMP Snooping—Quick Configuration

IGMP snooping regulates multicast traffic in a switched network. With IGMP snooping enabled, the Juniper device monitors the IGMP transmissions between a host (a network device) and a multicast router, keeping track of the multicast groups and associated member interfaces. The Juniper device uses that information to make intelligent multicast-forwarding decisions and forward traffic to the intended destination interfaces.

You can use the J-Web Quick Configuration to add a new IGMP snooping configuration or to edit or delete an existing configuration.

To access the IGMP Snooping Quick Configuration:

  1. In the J-Web user interface, select Configure>Switching>IGMP Snooping.

    The VLAN Configuration page displays a list of existing IGMP snooping configurations.

  2. Click one:
    • Add—Creates an IGMP snooping configuration for the VLAN.
    • Edit—Edits an existing IGMP snooping configuration for the VLAN.
    • Delete—Deletes member settings for the interface.

      Note: If you delete a configuration, the VLAN configuration for all the associated interfaces is also deleted.

    • Disable Vlan—Disables IGMP snooping on the selected VLAN.

    When you are adding or editing a VLAN, enter information as described in Table 83.

  3. Click one:
    • Click OK to check your configuration and save it as a candidate configuration, then click Commit Options>Commit.
    • Click Cancel to cancel the configuration without saving changes.

Table 83: IGMP Snooping Configuration Fields





Specifies the VLAN on which to enable IGMP snooping.

Select the VLAN from the list.

Immediate Leave

Immediately removes a multicast group membership from an interface when it receives a leave message from that interface and suppresses the sending of any group-specific queries for the multicast group

To enable the option, select the check box.

To disable the option, clear the check box.

Query Interval

Configures how frequently the switch sends host-query timeout messages to a multicast group.

Enter a value from 1 through 1024 seconds.

Query Last Member Interval

Configures the interval between group-specific query timeout messages sent by the switch.

Enter a value from 1 through 1024 seconds.

Query Response Interval

Configures the length of time the switch waits to receive a response to a specific query message from a host.

Enter a value from 1 through 25 seconds.

Robust Count

Specifies the number of timeout intervals the switch waits before timing out a multicast group.

Enter a value from 2 through 10.

Interfaces List

Statically configures an interface as a switching interface toward a multicast router (the interface to receive multicast traffic).

  1. Click Add.
  2. Select an interface from the list.
  3. Select Multicast Router Interface.
  4. Enter the maximum number of groups an interface can join in Group Limit.
  5. In Static, choose one:
    • Click Add, type a group IP address, and click OK.
    • Select a group and click Remove to remove the group membership.