Application Blade Single Sign-On Configuration Page Options

You can use the Application Blade Single Sign On page to set general single sign-on (SSO) settings and to specify individual blade SSO settings.

To view and configure general SSO settings:

  1. Select Configure > System Properties > Blade Single Sign On > General Settings.
  2. Click Global Options.
  3. Specify the number of seconds before a timeout occurs on a SAML assertion. The default is 10 seconds.
  4. Select the Enable SNMP Traps checkbox to monitor SNMP events.

When adding a blade to the Junos Pulse Gateway series, you can configure SSO settings for logging in to that blade’s admin console. To configure blade SSO settings:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Enter information as described in Table 121.
  3. Click OK.

Table 121: Application Blade Role Map Configuration Details

Field FunctionAction

FPC Number

Specifies the slot number where the blade is installed.

Select the FPC slot number where the blade is installed.

Blade Type

Lists the blade type: SA, IC, WX.

No action required. The blade type is automatically retrieved when the blade boots.

URL IP

Specifies the IP address to log in to the blade’s admin console.

Select the IP address from the list.

URL Path

Specifies the path appended to the Sign-In URL IP address.

Enter the string to append to the IP address that specifies the full URL to the blade’s admin console. For example, if the full URL is, enter /sa_sso in this field. The default value is /chassis_sso.

URL

Lists the blade’s full sign-in URL. The sign-in URL is the combination of the IP and the PATH and is in the format of https://ip_address/path.

No action required. This is a read-only field.

To edit the SSO settings of an application blade:

  1. Select the blade to change and click Edit.
  2. Enter information as described in Table 121.
  3. Click OK.

Clicking a module in the chassis viewer displays more information about that module. In addition, you can SSO into that module by clicking the Launch SSO icon (the arrow pointing to the upper right).