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Adding a New IDP Policy

To configure a new IDP policy :

  1. Select Configure>Security>Policy>IDP Policies.
  2. Click Add on the policy task bar.
  3. Fill in the information as described in Table 180.
  4. Click one of the following buttons:

Table 180: Add IDP Policy Page Details




Policy Name

Specifies the name of the IDP policy.

Type a policy name.


Specifies if the configured IDP policy is set as the active policy.

Note: You can configure many IDP policies, but only one can be in active state.

Select the Activate check box.


Defines the IPS rulebase to protect the network from attacks by using attack objects to detect known and unknown attacks.

Select Rulebase:IPS and click Add.

For more information, see Adding an IPS Rulebase.


Defines the exempt rulebase to exclude known false positives or to exclude a specific source, destination, or source/destination pair from matching an IPS rule.

Select Rulebase:Exempt and click Add.

For more information, see Adding an Exempt Rulebase.

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