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Configuring a Dial Plan (J-Web Procedure)

To configure a dial plan using the J-Web interface:

  1. Select Configure>Convergence Services>Dial Plan.

    The Dialplan configuration page appears. Table 254 explains the contents of this page.

  2. Click one:
  3. Click one:

Table 254: Dial Plan Configuration Page



Dialplan name

Displays the dial plan name.


Displays the preferences selected.

Digit Transformation

Displays the digital transform selected.

Table 255: Add Dial Plan Configuration Details




Dialplan name

Specifies the dial plan name.

Enter the name of the dial plan.

Route pattern name

Specifies the route pattern name.

Enter the name of the route pattern.

Add>New Route Pattern Configuration

Route pattern

Specifies the route of the call and offers multiple paths if multiple trunks are configured for the route pattern.

Enter the route pattern.

Call type

Specifies the type of call. Call types available are:

  • Inter-branch-call
  • International call
  • Local-call
  • Long-distance-call

Select one of the options.

Trunk Group Information


Specifies the call routing option.

Enter the preference. The preference is 0 by default.

Digit manipulation list

The options available are:

  • dgttrm
  • dgt1
  • dgt2
  • dgt7

Select one of the options.

Available trunk groups

Displays the available trunk group.

Trunk group

Displays the group of trunks to be used to route calls.


Displays preferences of the selected trunk group.

Digit transform

Displays the digital transform of the selected trunk group.

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