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Configuring Survivable Call Service (J-Web Procedure)

To configure survivable call service using the J-Web interface:

  1. Select Configure>Convergence Services>Call Server.

    The Survivable callservice configuration page appears. Table 260 explains the contents of this page.

  2. Click one:
  3. Click one:

Table 260: Survivable Call Service Configuration Page



Callservice name

Displays the survivable call service name.

Peer callserver name

Displays the peer call server configuration name.

Details of the survivable callservice


Displays the details for the survivable call service selected.


Displays the actual values of the configuration selected.

Table 261: Add New Call Service Configuration Details




Callserver name

Specifies the call service name.

Enter the name for the call service.


Specifies the transport used for the SIP protocol: UDP or TCP.

Enter the transport details. The default used is UDP.

Port number

Specifies the number used for the port or communications endpoint for the SIP protocol.

Enter the port number. The default port number is 5060.

Registration expiry timeout

Specifies the time duration required for the SRX Series SCS to accept registrations from SIP stations and redirect any call requests to the peer call server after the peer call server has regained control.

Enter a number from 30 to 86,400seconds. The default is 60 seconds.

Heartbeat normal

Determines the interval when the SRX Series SCS sends keepalive messages to the peer call server. The heartbeat parameter works in conjunction with the SIP timeout parameter.

Enter a number from 2 to 8 seconds. The default is 2 seconds.

Heartbeat survivable

Specifies the time when the SRX Series SCS sends keepalive messages to the peer call server to determine if it is reachable and has recovered from the fault condition. After the peer call server responds, the SRX Series SCS enters a watch period to determine if it is reliably reachable.

Enter a number from 800 to 4000milliseconds. The default is 800 milliseconds.

Response threshold

Specifies the minimum percent of time the peer call server must respond to timeout messages during the watch period.

Enter a number from 10 to 100 percent. The default is 75 percent.


Specifies the peer call server.

Enter one of the options: fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or IPv4 address.


Specifies the configuration for how calls are to be routed.

Enter the dial plan.

Service point


Specifies the service point to enable Integrated Convergence Services for the security zone.

Enter the service point details.

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