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Phase 1 of IKE Tunnel Negotiation

Phase 1 of an AutoKey IKE tunnel negotiation consists of the exchange of proposals for how to authenticate and secure the channel. The participants exchange proposals for acceptable security services such as:

A successful Phase 1 negotiation concludes when both ends of the tunnel agree to accept at least one set of the Phase 1 security parameters proposed and then process them. Juniper Networks devices support up to four proposals for Phase 1 negotiations, allowing you to define how restrictive a range of security parameters for key negotiation you will accept.

The predefined Phase 1 proposals that JUNOS Software provides are as follows:

You can also define custom Phase 1 proposals.

Note: If you are using the dynamic VPN feature, note that you must create a custom Phase 1 proposal. Predefined Phase 1 proposals are not available at this time.

Phase 1 exchanges can take place in either main or aggressive mode. You can choose your mode during IKE policy configuration.

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