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Manually Generating Self-Signed SSL Certificates on Juniper Networks Services Gateways

To manually generate a self-signed SSL certificate on Juniper Networks Services Gateway:

  1. If you have root login access, you can manually generate the self-signed certificate by using the following commands:
    root@host> request security pki generate-size 512 certificate-id certname
    Generated key pair sslcert, key size 512 bits
    root@host> request security pki local-certificate generate-self-signed certificate-id cert-name email email domain-name domain-name ip-address ip-address subject “DC= Domain name, CN= Common-Name, OU= Organizational-Unit-name, O= Organization-Name, ST= state, C= Country
    Self-signed certificate generated and loaded succesfully

    Note: When generating the certificate, you must specify the subject, e-mail and either domain-name or ip-address.

  2. After generating the self-signed certificate, specify local-certificate under HTTPS Web management.
    root@host# show system services web-management https local-certificate certname

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